How I did the 'Fire Angel'?

The Story

About 2 years ago, my brother and his wife were looking to do some pre-wedding photography and they wanted something special. My brother and his wife saw Benjamin Von Wong’s photos of “Fire Angel” which he created in a Huawei TVC and they loved it. They want to give it a shot in creating something similar.

We brainstormed and discussed on what are the things we need to create the “wings”, where can we shoot this without getting trouble with the authorities and how are we going to safely execute this shoot with success. None of us are pyrotechnic-trained but we know exactly not to take chances especially when we are “playing with fire”.

After some initial sketches and planning, we finally had everything sorted and decided to go full speed with the photo shoot. We even custom-made 2 metal structures which we can use to create the “fire wings” with. We designed the metal structures to be light enough to hold and move around with yet it will not burn the hands of the person holding it.

The Big Day

Safe location, checked. Safety precaution, checked. Assistants, checked. Lights and cameras, checked. We are all set to go!

We shot this with a Sony A7R2 and Sonnar T* FE 55mm F1.8 ZA mounted on a tripod. The lights were 2 Godox AD360s with one of them on a 50cm silver beauty dish as the main light to light the face of the subject and another on a 60x90 soft box as the fill light.

We had a friend and a relative to be the assistants who will hold the metal structures and “draw” the “wings” using their imagination. They had to wrap the metal structures with rags, soak the rags with kerosene, light them up, “draw” the “wings”, extinguish the fire and repeat the process many times in order to “draw” that perfect pair of “wings”.

We finally got that perfect shot that we are after and concluded our shoot.

The Result

After some post editing in Adobe Photoshop CC, this is the photo we all loved and proud of because we have created something special with the limited resources and knowledge we had.