A commercial shoot for Anywheel Singapore.

The past 3 months have been a very busy one for me as I have a couple of major shoots that involves bigger production, along with the other smaller ones. A lot of time and effort has been invested into the preparation for these shoots, which is an essential part of every shoot regardless how big or small it is.

In one of the shoots, I had the opportunity to work with Anywheel Singapore, a dockless bicycle sharing company in Singapore. The client wants a set of images to use on their website and social media to create more awareness for their brand and also leave strong impressions. The images have to look happy, bright and natural while featuring iconic places in our sunny little island.

Prior to the shoot, the client and I had multiple meetings to discuss on the look, going through the mood board, deciding on locations, wardrobe, casting talents and working out the details on logistics and other stuffs.

The shoot was awesome with great vibes on set. The talents were great fun to work with, giving their utmost effort despite long hours of shooting, travelling around different locations and lots of walking. It is also great to see the talents were able to work with each other well.

However, every shoot has its challenges and we are not excused from that. We were under the mercy of the ever-changing weather in Singapore and it didn't help with the torrential downpour for the whole week before the shoot. We can only pray hard for the weather to be good to us. It was cloudy on the shoot day but only rained after we completed our shoot. Our prayers were answered! 

Every shoot is a new challenge for me but looking hard into the situation and work with everyone on set to bash your way out of the difficulties. Only then will you taste the fruits of success together.

These are just some images from the set. Be sure to check out the other photos from this link: