About Capture A Life Studio

Capture A Life Studio is founded by me (Jim Lee) in August 2016. I am a full-time graphic designer for more than 10 years and a freelance photographer for 5 years. I started off shooting fashion and now doing commercial photography.

As a graphic designer for more than 10 years, I grew a very strong sense of aesthetics and also extremely sensitive to details. I am also very drawn to lines and geometry, which all these combined with my unique vision in photography helped me produce works not only impressed my clients but also helped my clients impress theirs.

When not busy, I am always reading to enrich myself, learning new skills like videography and engaging in personal projects to perfect my craft. I strive to create successful works that could establish emotional bonds with my clients.

Jump on a magic carpet ride, and have a look at my work. Please also check out my facebook and instagram to see what I am up to.



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